Your product out of one hand

Contrary to the trend we decided not only to get in line with and focus on one single side of metal working, but also we see us as a comprehensive provider with a simple basic concept: “A contact for your entire production cycle.” The available production techniques are divided in cutting, forming, joining and coating. Following the path of innovation, we constantly adapted to the latest production technology and -methods and therefor subsequently can meet the increasing demands of the products from our customers.

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Longtime partner

For more than 75 years and three generations, the company Stanzwerk Oberscheden has been in family hands. In that time all indications pointed to one thing: “Nothing is more constant than change.” In a dynamic economical world it is essential to have a reliable partner. One of our guiding principles is to think in years instead of quarters. It is clear to us that with many adjustments and improvements it takes time for those to unfold their effect. Working in this way our customers thank us with long-term business relations and classification as an A-vendor.

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We train

We look at our permanent staff as the base for the company success. With regards to our human resources planning we operate with a future oriented and long-term planning horizon. We firmly believe that with in-house education and training the existing expertise is retained and developed further most efficiently. In our professional education it shows who suits us, so that 40 years anniversaries with the company are not rare events.

We train!